PRESS RELEASE: ICI Achieves Accredited Membership with the ITC

PRESS RELEASE: ICI Achieves Accredited Membership with the ITC

MUMBAI, 30 JUNE 2023 – International Coaching Institute (ICI), the leading provider of professional coaching services, is proud to announce its recent accreditation as a member of the prestigious International Trade Council (ITC). This achievement marks a significant milestone in ICI’s commitment to excellence and global recognition in the coaching industry.

The International Trade Council is a renowned organisation that fosters international trade and supports businesses worldwide. As an accredited member, ICI gains access to a vast network of resources, connections, and opportunities that will further enhance its ability to provide exceptional coaching services on a global scale.

“We are delighted to become an accredited member of the International Trade Council. This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality coaching services and expanding our global reach. We look forward to collaborating with the Council and leveraging their extensive network to empower individuals and organisations around the world.”

Dr Krishna Athal, CEO of the International Coaching Institute

As an accredited member of the International Trade Council, ICI gains exclusive access to various benefits and support systems that will aid in its continued growth and development. These advantages include participation in international trade missions, access to trade finance and legal services, and involvement in industry-specific programmes and initiatives.

The accreditation also highlights ICI’s adherence to the coaching industry’s highest professional standards and ethics. Through its comprehensive training programs and commitment to ongoing professional development, ICI ensures that its coaches are equipped with the knowledge and skills to impact their clients’ lives and careers positively.

International Coaching Institute remains dedicated to providing transformative coaching services that help individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. With the support of the International Trade Council, ICI aims to expand its reach and significantly contribute to the global coaching community.

For more information about International Coaching Institute and its coaching services, please visit https://ici.org.in.

About International Coaching Institute (ICI):

The International Coaching Institute (ICI) is a globally recognised organisation that focuses on providing high-quality coaching education and training programmes to individuals aspiring to become professional coaches. With a commitment to excellence, the ICI equips coaches with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively guide and support their clients in achieving personal and professional growth.

Established with the vision of promoting the art and science of coaching, the International Coaching Institute offers a wide range of programmes designed to cater to diverse coaching needs. These programmes encompass various coaching disciplines, including life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching, and more. By offering specialised courses, the ICI ensures that aspiring coaches can develop expertise in their chosen areas of focus.

About International Trade Council (ITC):

The International Trade Council is a peak-body chamber of commerce dedicated to promoting international trade, minimising barriers, and fostering global commerce through education, networking, and insightful business intelligence.

The International Trade Council has a mission to connect the global business community, educational institutions, chambers of commerce and industry associations, and government entities. To fulfil our goals, we establish public-private partnerships, welcome chambers of commerce as members, and create specialised business councils for various industry sectors.

We aim to provide essential knowledge, resources, skills, and guidance to our members, regardless of geographical location, to excel in international trade and achieve their professional goals.

Our services are designed to cater to diverse cultures, nationalities, and sectors, all guided by our core purpose of “Unite. Enlighten. Advance.”

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