About Dr Krishna Athal

Dr Krishna Athal

Top-Ranked Life & Executive Coach

Dip (AUS), BA (UK), MBA (UK), EL (UK), PGDip (IN), PCC (US), PhD (IN)

Dr Krishna Athal is an internationally acclaimed Life & Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer, extending his expertise across India, Mauritius, Singapore and London. He is esteemed as one of the finest in the coaching field.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr Krishna has earned a stellar reputation for his transformative coaching methods.

What Makes Him The Best

✅ Drawing from his extensive academic background and practical experience, Dr Krishna has assisted numerous individuals and executives in unlocking their full potential and achieving their goals.

✅ Dr Krishna possesses a deep understanding of human psychology and behaviour, allowing him to provide valuable insights and guidance to his clients.

✅ Dr Krishna’s coaching approach is characterised by a combination of empathy, compassion, and a results-oriented mindset.

✅ Dr Krishna creates a safe and non-judgmental space for his clients to explore their challenges, identify their strengths, and work towards meaningful growth.

✅ Through his personalised coaching sessions, Dr Krishna helps individuals develop self-awareness, overcome obstacles, and cultivate effective strategies for success.

Being a Leader of Leaders

For the last 15 years of his journey, Dr Krishna has served organisations in leadership positions with high professionalism by making major corporate decisions and managing companies’ overall operations and resources. A recipient of numerous national and international leadership and innovation awards, Dr Krishna is currently the CEO of the National Aviation Academy.

Academic Qualifications

🎓 Diploma (Australia)
🎓 BA (Edinburgh, UK)
🎓 MBA (York, UK)
🎓 Executive Leadership (Oxford, UK)
🎓 PhD (Mumbai, India)

Life & Executive Coaching

🎓 BCC (India)

🎓 BPC (India)


Corporate Training

🎓 PGDip (Indian Society for Training and Development, India)

Dr Krishna likes to think, write and talk about Leadership, Coaching, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Decision-Making. This has led him to explore these topics more profoundly, write about them on renowned platforms like the Times of India and Entrepreneur Magazine, and speak about them in numerous universities worldwide.

Dr Krishna has given guest lectures on Leadership, Coaching, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Management and Decision-Making in the last six years at various universities, including Michigan State University, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, TISS, NM College, JJT University and Wilson College.

Dr Krishna Athal

Exceptional Expertise, Personalised Approach & Profound Impact

Dr Krishna Athal’s dedication to empowering individuals and his commitment to their growth makes him an invaluable asset to those seeking transformation and success.

What Sets Him Apart

🎯 What sets Dr Krishna apart is his ability to tailor his coaching techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual.

🎯 Dr Krishna recognises that everyone has different aspirations and obstacles, and he customizes his approach accordingly.

🎯 Dr Krishna is known for his exceptional communication skills — he possesses a keen ability to listen actively and ask insightful questions, which allows him to uncover underlying patterns and thought processes.

🎯 Dr Krishna’s impact on the lives and careers of his clients is evidenced by their testimonials and success stories.

With Dr Krishna‘s Life & Executive Coaching, everything is possible. And it all starts with simply taking the first step towards executing the plan.

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