Executive Coaching

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Great Leaders Aren’t Born; They’re Made!

Through executive coaching, Dr Krishna will empower you to create a legacy of exceptional leadership and lead with confidence and clarity.

24 Things You’ll Cover With Your Coach


✅ Conflict Resolution

✅ Negotiation Skills

✅ Time Management

✅ Self-Awareness

✅ Goal Setting & Growth Mindset

✅ Building & Strengthening Relationships


✅ Public Speaking

✅ Productivity Strategies

✅ Strategic Communications

✅ Fine-Tune Your Personal Pitch

✅ Adapting to Change

✅ Managing Stress & Delegation


✅ How to Build Teams

✅ Leading High-Performing Teams

✅ Strategic Decision-Making

✅ Problem-Solving & Ethical Dilemmas

✅ Organisational Dynamics & Politics

✅ Building Resilience


✅ Situational Leadership

✅ Work-Life Integration

✅ Emotional Intelligence

✅ Building Courage & Taking the Leap

✅ Decision-Making Frameworks

✅ Refining Your Leadership Skills

This coaching is for you if…

You are a business leader or executive seeking to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness.

You feel drained, anxious, and stressed because you gave up on what really mattered to you most.

You want to develop a clear vision and strategy for your organisation and need guidance in achieving your goals.

You are facing challenges or obstacles in your professional life and need support in overcoming them.

You are transitioning into a new role or organisation and need assistance in navigating the change successfully.

“In only 12 weeks, you will be able to enhance your performance by reaching your full potential, and creating a positive and productive work environment.”

Dr Krishna Athal, Certified Executive Coach
Dr Krishna Will Act As a Mirror

Dr Krishna will act as a mirror to help you see opportunities to be a more effective leader. He’ll keep you motivated and accountable as you consider new perspectives, embodying the leadership attributes you value.

Get Ready To Change Your Style

Whether managing people for the first time or being a seasoned leader, we all have room to grow. Effectively managing and leading your team helps you focus your time on what’s truly important and continue to advance in your organisation.

Executive Coaching - Krishna Athal
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You can be leading with a completely different style in just 8 weeks!

The most challenging part of effective leadership isn’t learning presentation skills or how to run a meeting – it’s how to lead, develop and inspire your people.

You are in good company!

Join the pool of satisfied individuals who have experienced profound transformation through executive coaching!

Tan Mei Ling

“A unique perspective to every session”

Dr Krishna Athal is a game-changer! His coaching expertise has transformed my life both personally and professionally. His insights are unparalleled, and his international experience brings a unique perspective to every session. I’ve seen remarkable growth in my leadership skills.”

Tan Mei Ling

Singapore Airlines
Larisan Mario Fernandes

“Forever grateful to Dr Krishna for this life changing experience”

“Dr Krishna encouraged me to have a greater self of fulfilment and balance in life and helped me become a better version of myself. His non-judgemental and honest approach makes him an outstanding coach and a great human being. He is someone whom I would recommend to anyone who feels lost, stuck and aimless but also feels that they can achieve more incredible things and have much more to offer in life and need someone who could show them the right way.”

Larisan Mario Fernandes

Food & Beverages Industry
Kamal Meeheelaul

“Played an instrumental role in reshaping my perspective”

“Dr Krishna has played an instrumental role in reshaping my perspective, and fostering a greater sense of balance and fulfilment in my life. He helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and guided me to the next level. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Krishna for his unwavering support, guidance, and patience during this incredible journey of self-discovery and improvement.”

Kamal Meeheelaul

Project Manager
Devesh Takoor

“A wonderful life coach who truly cares about his clients”

“Dr Krishna Athal is a wonderful life coach who truly cares about his clients. He uniquely created a safe and supportive environment where I feel comfortable sharing my deepest fears and insecurities. With his guidance, I have been able to break free from self-doubt and develop a mindset of confidence and resilience. Dr Krishna’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me achieve personal and professional success.”

Devesh Takoor

STEM Education Trainer
Avish Ramgolam

“Ability to create a trusting and confidential space”

“Dr Krishna Athal has been an incredible source of guidance and inspiration in my executive coaching journey. His vast knowledge and ability to create a trusting and confidential space have allowed me to explore my leadership style and aspirations openly. Dr Krishna has helped me develop a strategic mindset and improve my decision-making abilities through his insightful questioning and reflective exercises.”

Avish Ramgolam

Wendy Etiennette-Moutou

“Exceptional executive coaching services”

“I can’t thank Dr Krishna Athal enough for his exceptional executive coaching services. His guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of executive leadership. His unwavering support and ability to challenge my perspectives have resulted in significant personal and professional growth. I am grateful for his expertise and highly recommend Dr Krishna to any executive seeking to maximise their potential and achieve long-lasting success.”

Wendy Etiennette-Moutou

Bank Officer
Sheetal Sadana

“Expertise in organisational behaviour and change management”

“Dr Krishna Athal’s corporate training exceeded my expectations in every way. His expertise in organisational behaviour and change management was evident from the start. The training sessions were thoughtfully structured and delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. His ability to break down complex concepts into practical frameworks and strategies was remarkable.”

Sheetal Sadana

Media Professional
Muzammil Latona

“Exceeded all my expectations”

“Dr Krishna Athal’s corporate training programme exceeded all my expectations. His approach was highly interactive, encouraging active participation from all attendees. He created a dynamic learning environment that fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing through case studies, role-playing exercises, and group discussions.”

Muzammil Mohammad Latona

Priti Patel

“Inclusively bringing out-of-the-box solutions”

“It’s inspiring to see that Dr Krishna Athal excels in his corporate training sessions and has a deep understanding of making a difference and inclusively bringing out-of-the-box solutions. He ensures that all levels of people benefit from his thinking and solution, and he approaches and goes above and beyond to make a difference for the less fortunate.”

Priti Patel

Managing Director
Hasnaa Hansye

“A phenomenal corporate trainer”

Dr Krishna Athal is a phenomenal corporate trainer who truly understands the needs of modern businesses. His training sessions were highly engaging and thought-provoking, challenging us to think outside the box and embrace innovation. Dr Athal’s ability to connect with the audience and adapt his teaching style to different learning preferences was commendable.”

Hasnaa Hansye

Company Secretary
Abhishek Takoor

“Valuable perspectives and practical strategies”

“Dr. Krishna Athal has been a source of inspiration and motivation in my life. His coaching has helped me overcome obstacles and develop a growth mindset. He uniquely can provide valuable perspectives and practical strategies for achieving success. Dr Krishna’s guidance has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals and become the best version of me.”

Abhishek Takoor

Robotics Instructor
Alston Noronha

“An absolute game-changer”

“I had the privilege of attending Dr Krishna Athal’s corporate training programme, which was an absolute game-changer. His ability to deliver complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner made the sessions highly engaging and easy to grasp. The training materials provided were comprehensive and packed with valuable resources that I continue to refer back to.”

Alston Noronha

Pre-Sales Manager
Ghaneswarsing Luckkana

“His genuine passion for empowering executives”

“Dr Krishna Athal’s executive coaching has been a game-changer for me. His commitment to my growth, coupled with his genuine passion for empowering executives, sets him apart as an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Dr Krishna to any executive who is looking to accelerate their professional development and achieve long-term success.”

Ghaneswarsing Luckkana

Senior Front End Web Developer
Dr Vanashri Valecha

“A trusted partner in our leadership development”

“Dr Krishna has been a trusted partner in our leadership development. His executive coaching has provided our institution with invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape. His ability to listen attentively and understand unique challenges has been instrumental in guiding us towards effective solutions.”

Dr Vanashri Valecha

Director of Education
Laxmi Jogdand

“Provided unwavering support and encouragement”

“Through our sessions, Dr Krishna Athal guided me in setting clear goals and creating an actionable plan. His insightful questions challenged me to think deeply and uncover my true desires and passions. He provided unwavering support and encouragement, pushing me outside my comfort zone while providing a safe space for personal growth.”

Laxmi Jogdand

Talent Manager
Joyvani Frederick Rose

“A holistic approach to coaching”

“What sets Dr Athal apart is his genuine empathy and compassion. He has an innate ability to connect with young people, understand their challenges, and provide the necessary support to overcome obstacles. His approach is holistic, addressing not only the educational and vocational needs of youth but also their emotional well-being and personal growth.”

Joyvani Frederick Rose

Director of Operations
Raman Sharma

“The best life coach in Mumbai”

Dr Krishna Athal is the best life coach in Mumbai! He possesses a profound understanding of human psychology and behaviour. He helped me identify the underlying patterns and beliefs holding me back from achieving my goals. His insights were consistently thought-provoking and eye-opening. Through his guidance, I gained a new perspective on my life and discovered the tools to make positive changes.

Raman Sharma

Finance Manager
Ashwini Challor

“An exceptional coach who’s made an incredible difference”

“Dr Krishna Athal is an exceptional life coach who has made an incredible difference in my life. When I started working with him, I felt stuck in my career and dissatisfied with various aspects of my personal life. Dr Krishna’s ability to truly understand my unique circumstances and challenges was truly remarkable.”

Ashwini Challor

Chief Executive Officer
Dr Mervyn Mootealoo

“Non-judgemental and piercingly honest nature”

“The insights that I have gained through Dr Krishna’s coaching on setting and achieving goals have helped me tremendously in attaining more clarity and momentum in my life purpose. His non-judgemental and piercingly honest nature and his far-sighted make him a wonderful coach and human being.”

Dr Mervyn Mootealoo

Medical Doctor
Priyanshi Sharma

“Coaching happened with a smile”

“We meet many people every day, but only some leave their marks, and one of them is Dr Krishna. I was impressed by his way of communicating and interacting. He made sure that the coaching happened with a smile. Lastly, as a leader and coach, Dr Krishna earns my highest recommendation.”

Priyanshi Sharma

Social Entrepreneur

Numbers Speak

Join the hundreds whose lives have been changed through Dr Krishna Athal’s Executive Coaching!


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of satisfying transformation! If you don’t succeed, I haven’t done my job!


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Feeling lost and uncertain about your leadership?

🎯 Executive coaching focuses on developing and enhancing leadership abilities through personalised guidance and feedback.

🎯 Executive coaching can fast-track professional growth by providing a structured framework for development.

🎯 Executive coaches bring an external perspective to the table by providing unbiased insights and observations.

🎯 Executive coaching develops strategies to manage stress, build resilience, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

With Dr Krishna‘s Executive Coaching, all of this is possible. And it all starts with simply taking the first step towards discovering yourself.

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